In search of the American Dream, our family immigrated to Tampa in 1904 from the village of Santo Stefano Quisquina, Sicily. Working as cigar rollers in Ybor City, we eventually saved enough to buy a plot of land and a few cows to start a dairy. The dairy grew and expanded exponentially and by the 1950s, it was one of the largest dairy farms in the Southeastern United States.
Harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit of our forefathers, we started in the real estate business in 1953 by developing and leasing multifamily buildings on Davis Islands and gas stations around Tampa and central Florida.

The late 1980s to late 1990s brought about opportunity to expand our real estate holdings. During this time we acquired several more multifamily buildings on Davis Islands, communities in Hyde Park and Beach Park, as well as neighborhood strip centers, bank sites and single tenant retail on Davis Islands and around South Tampa. The Great Recession of the late 2000’s proved to be another opportunity of growth with the acquisitions of a significant number of single family homes and commercial properties in the areas of Downtown Tampa, Downtown St. Pete, Old West Tampa, North Hyde Park, Riverside Heights, and Seminole Heights. Today, our portfolio includes 150 multifamily homes, 50 single family homes and over 300,000 square feet of commercial and industrial space in Tampa, surrounding counties, central Florida and Ontario, Canada.

Since our establishment in 1953 we have we embraced the principle of buying and holding properties. We’ve made it a point to treat the entire business as an extension of our family. The properties, whether for home or office, retail or industrial, are bought, maintained and managed with the same love and care that we would our own home.

Thank you,
Michael Palori
5th Generation South Tampa Resident